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The Heart And Blood Of A Personal Computer

If the cpu is the brain of a computer, then the power supply is the heart supplying blood in the form of electricity to all of the pc components. Just as the heart increases and decreases the flow of blood as needed, a power supply must be able to consistently and reliably deliver electricity as needed. The psu must also be able to supply electricity of varying voltage and amperage. It is not an easy task. As the need arises power of the highest quality must be delivered without error or failure. There can be no sudden drops or surges in voltage, blown capacitors, or other problems. Power supplies must be able to stay healthy!

psu recommendations

Power Supply Recommendations List

PSU Recommendations based on the results of competent technical reviews, rigorous testing, and analysis of psu components plus links to the power supply reviews. The recommendations were compiled to help you compare safe, stable, and reliable psu's .... CLICK FOR MORE


PSU Lemon List

Beware of power supplies of questionable quality and substandard performance. Do not let deceptive advertising fool you into making a wrong decision. Includes links to competent psu reviews that include a detailed explanation of the problems and issues... CLICK FOR MORE

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